NetArchive - Record Retention, Storage and Information Retrieval

NetArchive is a records and information management system design to facilitate the electronic storage and retrieval of information related to your business. NetArchive can help implement specific record retention policies and procedures to satisfy legal and regulatory compliance. The system is designed with an inherently simple yet powerful process to assist you with the ongoing capture, storage and retrieval of information.

Pursuant to state government code: (1) "No local government office may dispose of a record listed in this schedule prior to the expiration of its retention period". (2) "Original paper records may be disposed of prior to the expiration of their minimum retention periods if they have been microfilmed or electronically stored pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Code, Chapter 204 or Chapter 205, as applicable, and rules of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission adopted under those chapters." (3) "Destruction of local government records contrary to the provisions of the Local Government Records Act of 1989 and administrative rules adopted under it, including this schedule, is a Class A misdemeanor and, under certain circumstances, a third degree felony (Penal Code, Section 37.10)".

NetArchive is a records and information management system that is designed to:

  • Provide durable and reliable offsite storage

  • Enhance the document search and retrieval process

  • Integrate with source systems or (any) systems of record

  • Adhere to retention policies and guidelines

  • Simplify deployment, support, maintenance and use

  • Be affordable

For durable and reliable offsite storage, NetArchive uses Amazon's S3 Simple Storage Solution. In addition to obtaining SOC, PCI and HIPAA compliance, Amazon's S3

maintains several of the Amazon's Assurance Programs guaranteeing that if you store 10,000 objects, you can on average expect to incur a loss of a single object once every 10,000,000 years.

NetArchive is simple to deploy. Data management expertise is not necessary and minimal planning is required. The only thing that you truly need to know is how your current system displays information and how you want NetArchive to retrieve and pass the stored information on to you. Because NetArchive uses metadata as indexes to present how files are stored, you can schematically assign and build your data structure on the fly and never have to worry about being fixed to any one storage hierarchical structure. For instance, as opposed to being fixed to a single hierarchical structure based on entity\account\year, a user can pivot on the indexes to build data structures on the fly base on any combinations of entity, account, and year such as year\entity\account, account\year\entity, entity\account, account\entity, etc., to facilitate document retrieval.

NetArchive's 3LS Three-Level Search is a flexible data schema and search engine design that supports the systematic online retrieval and display of information. Offsite storage files are indexed to notes that are indexed to your system of records for direct search and

retrieval of information. NetArchive's hierarchical note descriptions and comments are metadata extensions designed to capture searchable information for broader based searches. NetArchive's back-end OCR process facilitates the conversion of images into texts converted as secondary metadata used in the broadest sense for the most distributive types of searches. How information is stored and retrieved in NetArchive largely depends on how your source system delivers the information to you. You don't have to learn NetArchive to retrieve information from NetArchive. The information is displayed alongside your system of records. The key then comes down to the integration between NetArchive and your source system and our design makes the integration between systems non-intrusive and easy to deploy. Click HERE to learn more.


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