ARpos - Administrative Review K-12 Point of Sale Solution

The Administrative Review is the State Agencies' assessment of the school district's

administration of the National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Programs, and other school nutrition programs. The objectives of the Administrative Review are to determine whether the school district meets program requirements, provide technical assistance, secure any needed corrective action, and if applicable assess fiscal action.

ARpos is a K-12 transactional advance point of sale system specifically design to process, capture and record students' free and reduce meal activities. Administratively, the system's main intent is to facilitate management of the Administrative Review process. The ARpos system is designed to:

  • Augment processes that support the Free & Reduced Meal Programs; School Breakfast Program (SBP), National School Lunch Program (NSLP), After School Care (Snack) Program (ASCP)Input and process F&R Meal Applications

  • Create and track students’ free and reduce (F&R) meal statuses

  • Capture and record meal transactions based on F&R meal statuses

  • Report F&R meal transactions for audit and compliance purposes with states' agencies, i.e. Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA)

  • Support F&R managed compliance activities

  • Facilitate quick checkouts by simplifying processes and system requirements

  • Simplify system to enhance ease of use

  • Review eligibility determination of F&R Meal Applications for Verification process

  • Streamline management, audit and compliance activities

The ARpos system has 4 integrated modules:

  • An easy to use POS system with a uniquely designed user interface that can adjust to and supports all meal types (breakfast, lunch, snack, vending, etc.) and meal lines (free & reduce, a-la-carte, hybrid, etc.)

  • An online prepay system for students' meals

  • An online system to create, manage and track students' F&R applications and meal statuses

  • An online Administrative Review module to facilitate program management, management of compliance activities, and report F&R transactions to satisfy audit and compliance with states' agencies

Click HERE to learn more about how our ARpos system can help manage your daily activities and simplify your Administrative Review Process.

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