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Governmental Data Services (GDS) is a software company that has provide services in the governmental sector since 1988.  What started out as a tax offices’ need for a billing and collections system has proliferated over time into other products and services that serve to provide business and administrative solutions to clients.  Our goal is to be relevant based on the following core values.


  • From a technology perspective, relevance is moving forward strategically and having knowledge and visionary foresight to be on the leading side of technology.  Commitment to the cloud and partnering with Amazon AWS to deliver our software as a service (SaaS) have enabled our clients to benefit from:  

    • Cost Savings:  Perhaps the most significant benefit is the impact on budget.  Providing cloud service eliminates the need for in-house server, storage and application requirements.  No current and future invested IT capital spending and services are extremely affordable.

    • Reliability:  With Amazon AWS, we can provide 24/7 services that are more reliable and consistent than any other IT infrastructure.   

    • Manageability:  Our cloud solution provides enhanced and simplified IT management and support.  Software/hardware updates, maintenance, and backups are parts of the overall solution.  

  • ​From a software perspective, relevance is providing business solutions that are applicable and technology solutions that are current.  Our design is based on our users’ point of view and our combined knowledge of business and technology best practices.  

  • From a relational perspective, relevance is building interpersonal and business relationships with each one of our clients.  As much as we take pride in our products, we take greater pride in the support of our user community.  Having trust in a relationship means proving that you are reliable, responsible, and dependable.  We see ourselves as back office extensions to each one of our clients.  

  • From a delivery perspective, relevance is making decisions that will have the greatest positive impact for our clients.  We chose Amazon AWS as our cloud platform because it is the number one cloud platform in the world.  Our software solutions, i.e. billing and collections, online property tax payment system, and record retention systems are fully integrated.  Our business process solutions, i.e. statement processing, address verification and payment processing help to drive direct costs and administrative overheads down.   We keep costs low by making sound technology and business decisions.  The savings are then passed down to our clients in terms of lower license fees and service costs.  

  • From a management's perspective, relevance is to achieve significance and yield positive impact by striving not to be a success, but rather to be of value to our clients.   

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