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Products and Services

Our clients rely on us for client-centric solutions that address their core business, administrative, and technology needs. Our solutions center on the needs of the government and private sector, providing governance and support to their ongoing business and administrative areas. We base our products and services on expert industry knowledge, experience, and business and IT best practices.

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Property Tax 

  • NetTax Billing and Collections System


  • Amazon AWS Cloud Service

  • Microsoft .Net Framework


Billing and Collections:

NetTax is a property tax billings and collection system that is used by school districts, cities, counties, municipalities and law offices.  NetTax comes pre-integrated with most of the major appraisal software in the market.   For those other appraisal software that have not been integrated, the integration process is straight forward and NetTax's underlying data schema allows its data structure to conform to any external data requirements with relative ease.  

NetTax Cloud Solution gives tax offices the option of running their NetTax billing and collections software on the cloud.  With NetTax Cloud Solution, there is no upfront initial hardware and software costs and there is no ongoing and future costs of maintenance and upgrade to new hardware and software. There is simply an annual subscription fee that covers the use of NetTax Cloud Solution along with support that includes software support, server maintenance, backups and upgrades.  To access NetTax on the cloud, all you need is an internet browser and the internet.  For online security, NetTax deploys Symantec SSL Certificates to privately secure each individual user connections.

NetTax Cloud Solution uses Amazon's AWS to deliver NetTax Software as a Service (SaaS).  AWS is the premier Cloud solution designed with security, compliance, high performance and reliability in mind.  Alternately, if a tax office chooses instead to install NetTax on their own private server, the requirements are simple. NetTax is built on Microsoft's .Net Framework.  

Online Payment Processing:

It is important to highlight that as an online payment processor, GDS specializes in the collection of property tax payments. For this reason, is a 

property tax online payments collection 

system specifically designed to display property tax information and process 

property tax payment transactions for tax offices. is the only online property tax payment solution that integrates property, tax and payment information synchronously with a property tax billing and collections system - NetTax. To keep both systems up to date, the information from TexasPayments and NetTax are updated daily by a 

synchronization process.  Alternatively, 

TexasPayments also accepts delinquent or positive pay files from other billing and collections systems.  The information is updated on a recurring schedule or on an as needed basis. is designed to function as a self-service model. Taxpayers, mortgage companies, attorneys and other third parties rely on TexasPayments to research real time basic property tax information, current and historical values, exemptions and current account balances. Online tax current and delinquent statements are also available to print online in real time. Texaspayments accepts eStatement submissions and send out email statements and reminders to taxpayers.  If you ever wanted a fully integrated business solution that will allow your tax office to manage both your billing and collections process and your online payment process synchronously, NetTax and is the only complete end-to-end billing and colllections and online payment solution.  

Cloud Services

  • NetArchive Record and Data Retention

  • Amazon AWS Storage Cloud Service

  • Policy Compliance

  • Simple Integratable Platform


Document Management systems (DMS) allow organizations to store, manage and track electronic documents.  The best use of these systems are for managing living and filing archived documents, implementing retention policies, and augmenting systems with workflows to simplify complex business processes. While rich in functionalities, DMS are not turn-key solutions.  These systems require data management expertise and meticulously thought out designs.  


Introducing NetArchive's notes, records and data retention system. NetArchive is designed to (1) satisfy compliance; (2) enact retention policies and guidelines; (3) provide reliable offsite storage; (4) systematically store and retrieve 

documents; (5) integrate with source system or system of record; (6) simple, out of the box turn-key solution; (7) affordable. 

NetArchive uses AWS S3 Simple Storage Solution for offsite storage.  AWS S3 storage is SOC, PCI, HIPAA compliant and accompanies with numerous advanced AWS Assurance Programs.  AWS S3 guarantees 99.999999999% durability corresponding to an average annual expected loss of 0.000000001% of offsite objects stored.  In other words, if you store 10,000 objects with Amazon S3, you can on average expect to incur a loss of a single object once every 10,000,000 years.  Amazon S3 is designed to sustain the concurrent loss of data in two facilities.  Data is redundantly stored across multiple facilities and across multiple devices.  For security, Amazon S3 supports data transfer over SSL and automatic encryption of data once uploaded.  

For record retrieval, NetArchive has a simple API process to systematically store data indexed by your source system.

For a tax system, indexing could be by account, entity and tax year. For a financials system, indexing could be by operating unit, vendor, invoice number, and accounting date.  For an HR system, indexing could be by employee id, employment year, and pay period. NetArchive 3LS (Three-Level Search) instills high level confidence and precision in retrieving information successfully. NetArchive's L1 search systematically retrieves files based on your source system indexes.  NetArchive's L2 search relies on NetArchive's note system. Once a file is indexed, user note descriptions and comments can be added as metadata to extend the search. NetArchive's L3 search uses a powerful backend integrated OCR process to restore original texts from images.  This information becomes searchable as a tertiarty metadata source for storage 

information retrieval.  

How information is stored and retrieved in NetArchive largely depends on how your source system delivers the information to you.  You don't have to learn NetArchive to retrieve information from NetArchive.  The information is displayed alongside your system of record. The key then comes down to the integration between NetArchive and your source system and our design makes the integration between systems non-intrusive and easy to deploy. Because NetArchive uses metadata indexes to present how files are stored, you can schematically assign and build your data structure on the fly and never have to worry about being fixed to any one structure.  

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