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Products and Services

Our clients rely on us for client-centric solutions that address their core business, administrative, and technology needs. Our solutions center on the needs of the government and private sector, providing governance and support to their ongoing business and administrative areas. We based our products and services on expert industry knowledge, experience, and business and IT best practices.

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Property Tax 

  • NetTax Billing and Collections System


  • Document Retention

NetTax Billing and Collection System: is a cloud-based property tax billing and collection system used by school districts, cities, counties, municipalities, and law offices. is pre-integrated with the current appraisal software in the market. Its cloud integration platform and underlying data schema allow its data structure to conform to external data requirements relatively easily. Users can access the system from anywhere. The only requirement is an internet connection and a common standard internet browser for employees to access the system.    

With, there are no hardware and software costs and no ongoing and future costs of maintenance and upgrade to new hardware and software. An annual subscription fee covers the use of the system along with technical support, server maintenance, backups, and upgrades. uses Amazon's AWS to deliver GDS billing and collection Software as a Service (SaaS). AWS is the premier Cloud solution designed with security, compliance, high performance, and reliability in mind.

It is essential to highlight that as an online payment processor, GDS specializes in collecting property tax payments. For this reason, is an all-in-one property tax online payments collection system designed to display, collect and process property tax payment transactions for tax offices. is designed to function as a self-service model. Taxpayers, mortgage companies, attorneys, and other third parties rely on TexasPayments to research real-time basic property tax information, current and historical values, exemptions, and account balances. Texaspayments accepts eStatement subscriptions and send out eStatements and eStatement reminders to taxpayers. Online property tax current and delinquent statements are available for download and print in real-time. Various payment methods, i.e., credit cards and echecks are accepted online, and payments can also be submitted through IVR Pay by Phone system. Suppose you want a fully integrated business solution allowing your tax office to manage both your billing and collections process and online payment process synchronously. In that case, and is the complete end-to-end billing and collection and online payment solution.


Document Management:'s document management process allows organizations to store, manage and track electronic documents.  The best use of the system's document management program is for filing archived documents and implementing retention policies.'s document management process is designed to:

  1. Satisfy compliance.

  2. Enact retention policies and guidelines.

  3. Provide reliable offsite storage.

  4. Systematically store and retrieve documents.

  5. Integrate with source system or system of record.

  6. Simple, out-of-the-box turn-key solution.

  7. Affordable. uses AWS S3 Simple Storage Solution for offsite storage. AWS S3 storage is SOC, PCI, HIPAA compliant, accompanied by numerous advanced AWS Assurance Programs.  AWS S3 guarantees 99.999999999% durability corresponding to an average annual expected loss of 0.000000001% of offsite objects stored.  In other words, if you hold 10,000 documents and images with Amazon S3, you can, on average, expect to incur a loss of a single object once every 10,000,000 years. Amazon S3 is designed to sustain concurrent data loss in two facilities.  Data is stored across multiple facilities and various devices.  For security, Amazon S3 supports data transfer over SSL and automatic data encryption once uploaded.  


For record retrieval, has a simple process to store systematically and index your documents. Documents are indexed by account, entity, tax year, and transactions. Once a document is indexed, user note descriptions and comments can be added as metadata to extend the document search. Document retention is based on each organization's legal and statutory requirements. Retention is typically assigned based on five or seven years, depending on your organization.

Cloud Services

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Record and Data Retention

  • Amazon AWS

  • Policy Compliance

  • Simple Integratable Platform

In a rapidly changing IT landscape, you must consider various factors when choosing the best software and software environment.  As an organization, you most likely have encountered a few crossroads choosing between on-premise vs. Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud solutions.  Let's look at both on-premise software and SaaS and the benefits of the cloud-based Billing and Collections and Online Payment for your business.


On-Premise Software vs Software as a Service (SaaS

On-premise refers to installing and hosting the system on your servers.  An organization must purchase a software license for the system at a high cost and manage a database, and other software and hardware the system and its services run on.  As the licensee, your organization supports and maintains the software and hardware.  Maintaining accessibility and performance is transferred to you, the licensee.  Your IT department ensures timely software updates and data backups to prevent downtime, service interruption, and other operational issues.  In addition to licensing fees and ongoing maintenance expenses, software and hardware upgrades and replacements are part of owning an on-premise system.


SaaS refers to software made available through the web.  GDS cloud solution includes servers, application software, processing power, and storage space. and are on-demand systems, and resources are available without your organization's direct management.  


What Are the Benefits of SaaS?

Maintenance and Operational Responsibility Lie With GDS

In contrast to an on-premise solution, maintenance, and operational responsibility belong to GDS under the SaaS model.  GDS regularly releases new functionality based on customer feedback to ensure the value provided to our customers is constantly increasing.  You can access and use the system on the cloud using a standard browser without worrying about maintaining the software.  Continuity of service is guaranteed.  An operational benefit of our SaaS system is that updates are all made centrally and do not need replication.  The result is significantly less overhead and maintenance for your organization.  


Simple Implementation

GDS offers our SaaS system on demand quickly and easily with little time commitment and implementation overhead.  The main advantage of SaaS is that everyone today is familiar with using an internet browser.  Users can access it from any internet browser 24/7, no extra operational management is needed, and data is stored on the cloud.  We provide highly experienced customer support staff to assist in case problems arise.  



Another clear benefit of SaaS software is its scalability to augment resources for technological changes with minimal contention.  There are many innovative technology resources to integrate with on the AWS cloud to expand our technical capabilities and deliver new functionalities.  While other on-premise applications often incur significant restructuring costs as performance and functional demands grow, our system runs on the AWS cloud, where additional resources are available as needed.  


Data Security

While security is cited as one of the primary arguments against Cloud software, much has changed in this area in recent years.  GDS has made data security a top priority right from the start leveraging AWS' secure data centers for cloud software hosting and keeping technology up to date with the highest security standards.  GDS has implemented several security layers, including a secure connection that uses AWS X.509 certificates (SSL/TLS server certificate.  AWS web application firewall and security groups protect the system's cloud network layer.  An access control list (ACL) allows only IPs subscribed to the application layer to access the system.  Access at remote locations, such as from home, is validated via two-factor authentication.   



Because SaaS products do not need to be run on specific computers or from a particular office space, users can access them from any device, anywhere.  The only requirement is an internet connection for employees to access the system.


Cost Savings for SaaS versus On-Premise

Because of the flexibility of a Cloud solution, there are multiple financial benefits of SaaS software.  Some of these include:


No upfront investment costs for hardware and software other than the annual subscription fee.


Capacity expansion without restructuring costs.


No internal ongoing operating expenses to support the system.


Reduce the risk of costs incurred due to service interruptions or security incidents.


Did you know GDS does not charge for implementation costs related to installation, conversion, and training?  There is no significant upfront capital outlay to purchase licenses, software, and hardware; no long-term buyer's remorse.  GDS only charges an annual subscription fee.  As product and technical experts, GDS helps solve specific office challenges by leveraging our SaaS technology platform to create the best workplace for our clients.


Easy Adoption for Employees

Adopting new processes and technology can be a struggle, particularly for desk-less employees relying on mobile devices for workplace communications.  Everyone today is on the internet, which means the vast majority are already familiar with the benefits of SaaS software.  The learning curve for an implemented Cloud-based solution is minimized significantly, saving the company time and valuable resources.


Powerful Data and Analytics

With SaaS software, data, and analytics are more easily captured and available through quick reporting tools because the information is centralized.



Supports Business Continuity in Times of Crisis

A critical operational benefit of SaaS is that it can access your information during times of crisis.  With an on-premise solution, businesses risk losing valuable information in natural disasters like fires or floods.  Also, given the COVID-19 global pandemic, cloud-based solutions provided immediate access to those companies when their workforce transitioned to work-from-home conditions overnight.


Due to the global pandemic, many businesses have transitioned to a more dispersed workforce.  Many organizations are in the SaaS vs. on-premise debate when integrating new platforms into their workforce.  The GDS SaaS-based solutions are easy to implement, highly protected, and accessible anywhere, providing convenience and saving time and money.

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