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If you want a payment platform that specializes in the online collection of property tax payments, we have the solution for your tax office. is not just any other online payments collection system. The system is designed with the soul purpose of collecting property tax payments. Integrated with NetTax, is the solution for tax offices that want to have a fully integrated billing and collections and online payment system. Here are some things to know about

  • is an online self-service property tax payments collection system. In addition to paying online, tax payers can view detail property information, print current and delinquent statements, review payment history, and print current and previous transaction receipts. Information is delivered in real-time.

  • Designed to capture and display property tax information for online self-service inquiries, taxpayers, mortgage companies, attorneys and others rely on for property research - current and historical values, freezes, exemptions, tax rates, account statuses, outstanding balance, etc.

  • supports installment plans, e.g. quarterly and monthly. The system displays each plan by its type and provides both minimum due and total due so tax payers know either to pay the installment amount due for the period or the total amount due on the account.

  • accepts various online forms of payment - credit cards, debit cards, echecks, PayPal.

  • is fully integrated with the NetTax billing and collections system. Property tax, balance and payment information from both systems are in sync via a daily synchronization process.

  • integrates with other billing and collections systems via delinquent rolls or positive pay files processed on a scheduled or on an as needed basis.

  • has a Partners' Login portal that supports real time reporting and account maintenance. There are enhanced online functionalities to facilitate onsite collections such as card readers and self service kiosks.

  • NetTax and are fully integrated systems under a single platform. Our clients benefit from the integrated technology and end-to-end process. The significant benefits of incorporating both systems into one homogeneous product is most notable in terms of lower software cost, integrated processes, presentment of information, and distribution of workloads.

  • Click HERE to learn more about our NetTax billing and collections system and online payment solutions.

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