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NetTax - Property Tax Billing and Collections

Whether you are in the process of selecting a property tax billing and collections system, changing your online payment processor, or both, here are some important things to consider. In choosing your billing and collections system, the approach should be to select the best of breed. In other words, select the software that best supports your needs and one that meets your IT budgetary requirements. A common misnomer is to assume that there are significant integration advantages to licensing your billing and collections software from the same vendor as the Appraisal District's appraisal software vendor. Although there may be slight advantages based on your vendor of choice, all tax updates are processed via files using the same file formats. In the end, the advantage gained is minor as compared to the overall collective needs of your tax office to be able to generate tax statements, apply payments and adjustments, manage installment plans, manage the delinquent process, interface with taxpayers, attorneys, mortgage companies, etc.

When looking for an online payment solution, you should select a payment processor that knows your industry. One that understands property tax payment rules and regulations, specializes in the collection of property tax, and provides you with industry specific payment collection vehicle tools and options to improve your collectibility. Collecting property tax payment isn't as simple as it seems. There are payment plans; quarterly and installments. Some offices accept partial payments while others don't. Sometimes tax offices enact grace periods depending on when the last day of the month falls. Other times, account changes affecting tax, penalty and interest require immediate updates. Finding an online payment processor that collects payment on your behalf is easy. There are several to choose from. Unfortunately, finding an online payment processor that specializes in the collection of property tax is an unenviable task.

If you are looking for a best of breed billing and collections system, let us introduce to you the NetTax property tax billing and collections system. NetTax is fully integrated with; an online payments system designed for the sole purpose of collecting property tax payments. NetTax and are the only two systems in the industry that seamlessly integrate billing and collections and online

payment processing into one homogeneous process. Click HERE to learn more.

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